Sacramento Team Tournament 2012 Results

After six weeks of chess in Sacramento, our team Gunrock's Heroes, went undefeated against all other teams! We won with a match score of 6-0, and won points overall as well with 27.

Our most-common lineup was as follows. Click here to see individual results by round at the Sacramento Chess Club website.

Board 1. Jimmy Heiserman (4.0)
Board 2. Phillip Seitzer (4.5)
Board 3. Valeriy Timofeyev (4.0)
Board 4. Yixing Jiang (3.5)
Board 5. Robert Hsu (5.0) [Board Prize Winner]
Board 6. Marcus Langston (4.0)
Alternate: David Jenkins (1.0)
Alternate: Daniel Moglan (1.0)
Alternate: Nicholas Raymond Lourme

Congratulations to everyone on Gunrock's Heroes!